Sophisticated European Style

sophisticated european style


There’s absolutely everything to love about Pierluigi Musco. This fashion blogger from romantic Italy combines geometric Aztec patterns a with classic knit polo sweater and a rad pair of Hector square metal aviator sunglasses for a perpetual upbeat early Spring ensemble. (For real, this outfit rejoices in the first days of balmy weather). Pierluigi has garnered a loyal fan base of stylish guys worldwide who flip over sophisticated European style and we’re super stoked that his blog, PapillonP, is leading the way for trendsetters everywhere. Be sure to check out the awesome photo shoots over on his blog!

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Hollywood Glam Style

hollywood glam style


With a traditional, Hollywood glam style, blogger Mercedes of The Midnite Blues is in myriad ways an every day girl from Spain. But there’s an added interest ~ she’s also a fervent writer and lover of Haruki Murakami’s literature. The look she has designed here is definitely modern “Hepburn” in a pair of WOW Vintage Enigma retro cat eye sunglasses, Miu Miu bow-embellished heels accented with powder pink ankle socks, and her vintage big screen tailored dress and coat she jokingly refers to as “pink candy floss”. Mercedes started posing for the camera at the young age of 14, and loves flirting with new and fresh ensembles to share with her followers. So you absolutely must check out her daily posts for new style inspiration.

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Spring 2014 Color Inspiration With Bohemian Wild

color inspiration


Undaunted by taking bold fashion chances, blogger Christina of Bohemian Wild reaches to new depths of color inspiration for this stunning look. She starts with pastels in the pink family, and introduces geometric shapes and patterns in her full skirt, under-jacket, and Cross My Heart Sunglasses. Next, she adds another layer of interest with warm gold and red palettes in her animal graphic t-shirt and Chanel lipstick. She completes the ensemble with a bounty of music festival style rings, a fearless leather jacket, textured legwear and suede booties. This is without question a pioneering approach to Spring 2014 power dressing! The trick to pulling off this look is in coordinating unlikely wardrobe pieces together while paying attention to the shapes, fabrics, and colors to be sure they are in sync. The good news is you too can get a similar look – start by taking an adventure through your closet, keep an open mind about what does and does not go together, and get some of your own new and fresh inspiration for the upcoming season!

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color inspiration


color inspiration



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Bright Spring Colors: Shades of Pink

bright spring colors


Bright Spring colors are where it’s at this season! A hot pink knit beanie to match a pair of Uggs of the same hue, for example, look fab when all coordinated together. Fashion blogger Maria of Fashion Mariac has taken a basic “weekender” look to the extreme by weaving hues in the same color family and completes this sweet ensemble with a pair of WOW Vintage rose colored Melrose mirrored clubmaster sunglasses.

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Bold And Beautiful For Spring

bold and beautiful


This season is ALL about bold and beautiful Spring fashion. And Katarina of Dare 2 Wear has unashamedly transformed a demure after-five black dress and elegant rhinestone costume jewelry into a fresh and exciting new look. Equally ravishing are her renegade, chunky lace up boots and vintage Lennon small round metal sunglasses. Just leave it to crazy Kat to dish out a hit of bright hues in all the dead on places. So what’s the chaser? Coy is out (at least for now) and gutsy with a hint of lady like glamour has it hands down!

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How To Be A Bad Girl

bad girl


It’s definitely a wild world! And for the upcoming season, even the sweetest babes are embracing their rough, tough inner psyches. We recently checked out model/blogger, Maria of Fashion Mariac, sporting a bad girl leather biker jacket and skinny pants, along with a pair of WOW Vintage Melrose clubmaster sunnies. Oversized graphic statement t-shirts are to die for and will definitely be a hot item on the fashion scene throughout the summer season, while glittery rhinestone knit caps take a relaxed weekend outfit to the max!

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Era of Inspiration: The 70s

era of inspiration


Perfect locks?… If the 70s is your era of inspiration, then it’s got to be all about super long hair, whether you go for the thick mass of waves or the sleek straight look. Everything we adore?… RED lips! We can’t forget the gray felt fedora, and certainly not the mini skirt with a hint of lace peeking through. But our very fave is the leather biker jacket and boots that really rev us up! The gal on the street?… blogger Jovana of Cipelicastiklica is all about 70s nostalgia in a pair of WOW Vintage Windy City round sunglasses that totally take front stage. In a nutshell… She’s a mega hot head turner, and most definitely a 70s girl at heart.

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