Countryside Weekend: Mini Vacay

Countryside weekend


What’s more relaxing than a countryside weekend mini vacay? Imagine 3 glorious days filled with nothing but clear starry night skies, strolling through fresh fields, and a nice hot cup of tea! Ahhhhh. But wait! Let’s get real—we still want to look cute, right. And there’s a big possibility you’ll plan your packing list right down to the sexy WOW Vintage Vamp cat eye sunglasses, soft textured jackets, and your favorite weekend shoes. But what the heck, it’s all worth it. So, in the spirit of pure pleasure, Sabrina of Freaky Friday blog arranged a mostly down-to-earth ensemble for taking in the charm of the great outdoors for a splendid getaway.

Find the Vamp Cat Eye Sunglasses here!

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