Spring 2014 Color Inspiration With Bohemian Wild

color inspiration


Undaunted by taking bold fashion chances, blogger Christina of Bohemian Wild reaches to new depths of color inspiration for this stunning look. She starts with pastels in the pink family, and introduces geometric shapes and patterns in her full skirt, under-jacket, and Cross My Heart Sunglasses. Next, she adds another layer of interest with warm gold and red palettes in her animal graphic t-shirt and Chanel lipstick. She completes the ensemble with a bounty of music festival style rings, a fearless leather jacket, textured legwear and suede booties. This is without question a pioneering approach to Spring 2014 power dressing! The trick to pulling off this look is in coordinating unlikely wardrobe pieces together while paying attention to the shapes, fabrics, and colors to be sure they are in sync. The good news is you too can get a similar look – start by taking an adventure through your closet, keep an open mind about what does and does not go together, and get some of your own new and fresh inspiration for the upcoming season!

Find the entire Cross My Heart Sunglasses color collection here! 

color inspiration


color inspiration



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