70s Nostalgia Fashion Re-Do

70s nostalgia


Fashion always loves a re-do…about once every 20 years. And, from experience, we know the best trends of the past are the ones that re-surface time and time again. Recently, our blog style reporter tracked down Alessandra Kamaile for a re-visit of the most memorable looks and to savour a little 70s nostalgia. From small astro vintage mirrored sunglasses, to chunky bohemian jewelry, the 70s was the decade to deliver more statement looks than any other fashion era. This year the top looks are undertaking a re-do into new versions of the same looks we craved from the past. Colorful mirrored sunglasses, gold stud embellishments, and fun legwear are all covering the fashion runways for Spring 2014. And doing it up to the extreme is truly a bold fashion move! So give yourself permission to have fun with it! Add some feminine flower headwraps for a festival vibe reminiscent of 70s nostalgia, or go edgy in gold buckled platforms. But always remember there ain’t no way to over-do vintage accessories this season!

Get the vintage mirrored sunnies here!

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